A brighter tomorrow
​Beginning today




Individual, family and group therapy in a school based setting

Supervision of trainees, interns and license eligible therapists

Consultation to school staff, agencies, seminars and workshops

Children, adolescents, adult, family and group therapy

Stress reduction, psychological evaluations, issues of sexual abuse, trauma, grief, biculturation, etc.

We utilize Cultural Competency, Multilingual, 
Collectivist, Evidence based approaches to best serve our clients.

If you have any questions, please visit our Resources Page, where we have a variety of helpful articles that will better explain each one of these methods further. 

Staff receive extensive group and individual supervision as well as workshops.

We support various schools of thought. Primarily, we utilize cognitive behavioral therapy and family systems.

All supervision is offered by licensed staff with years of experience serving 
bi-lingual and multi-cultural communities. 

Each client and trainee will feel understood and knowledgeable.

A Brighter tomorrow beginning today