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Our Services
Individual Therapy - Marriage and Family Therapy - Couple’s Therapy- Group Therapy - Psychological Evaluations
Children - Adolescents - Adults
Depression - Anxiety - Grief and Loss - Stress Reduction 
Trauma (PTSD, sexual, physical, psychological, and emotional abuse), etc.
Multilingual and Multicultural Sensitivity
Consultation to: agencies, seminars and workshops
Supervision of: trainees, interns, and license eligible therapists

  1. Intern Training
    Intern Training
    Staff receive extensive group and individual supervision, and attend didactics. We support various schools of thought. Primarily, we utilize cognitive behavioral therapy and family systems. All supervision is offered by licensed, staff that have years of experience serving muli-lingual and multi-cultural communities.
  2. Cultural Competency
    Cultural Competency
    Cultural competency encompasses knowledge, sensitivity, and experience regarding issues of ethnic and geographic cultures from countries other than the U.S. and subcultures within the U.S. population. This is a necessary component to effective treatment of first and second-generation immigrant clients, whose issues are exacerbated by a misunderstanding or confusion of cultural history.
  3. Multilingual
    The ability to effectively communicate in languages other than English. As well the ability to understand and interpret nuances, dialects, and colloquialisms in order to effectively treat clients from diverse backgrounds and histories.
  4. Victims of Crime 
    Victims of Crime & Trauma
    California State Victims of Crime (VOC) program pays for therapeutic services of direct and secondary victims of a crime; however, not many individuals are aware that these services are available to them. There must be a police report on file to qualify for this program. The crime victim or family member will also need to speak with a Victims of Crime case worker for enrollment into the program.
A Brighter tomorrow beginning today